Carly D
@Astroality · 1:52

Loyalty rewards programs, do they really matter? 🤍🎙️

Are there some that you're just like, yeah, that's definite no for me. I want to know all the things. I want to hear your experience about loyalty rewards programs, regardless of the industry or the service or the product that you're buying. I want to hear your opinions, your experiences, tell me all the things

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Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 1:30
Hello there. So, yes, I love loyalty rewards. In fact, with my birthday coming up next week, or rather our birthday coming up next week, I am looking to see all of my birthday rewards for the various businesses that I'm a part of. So I already got my sephora birthday gift because I was there last week and I'm looking for like a $10 coup ponds to Bob stores, which is probably local here
Carly D
@Astroality · 0:30


I am so incredibly grateful that you shared this. I've heard once before that CVS had amazing rewards, but I never actually looked into it. So now I feel like I'm definitely going to go look into that and start using CVS more often. We have a Walgreens and CVS literally like on opposite corners and I just always defaulted to Walgreens just because it was easy. But now that I know that they have a killer rewards program, I am all about it
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 3:34
And because I have an American made gas guzzling Chevy with my 19 miles per gallon, 22 miles per gallon on state roads, I save a couple of year by that. And I really have to get a new car. I've been looking at some hybrids because, man, I can't stand having to fill up twice a month or twice a week anymore. It's $100 a week just on gas. F*** that
Carly D
@Astroality · 2:29
Yeah, I know most loyalty programs are usually, like, some sort of a marketing scheme. You're the second person to say the CVS. I do belong to the Walgreens Rewards, but I don't think I honestly shop there enough in order to really maximize that program


Right? So there's that. But then there's also now, like, the points expire much quicker than they used to, and also you need more points to get something free, so it's become pointless. However, here there is a nationwide grocery store called Superstore, and you can earn PC points by the things that you buy. And I also have a credit card that's connected to PC points
Carly D
@Astroality · 2:16
Chickfila mac and cheese and nuggets for the win. Their mac and cheese is one of the only few places that I will eat mac and cheese that is not homemade. I love their mac and cheese. I do love their nuggets, too, because they're nice and small and with the right sauce, they're so good. Yeah, my favorite sauce there, I forget what it's called. It's like it's something barbecue
Carly D
@Astroality · 1:05
But when you told me that you get it on everything and it actually gives you back something that you use on the regular, which is the groceries that you choose, this seems like a win win all the way around. I love that you're thinking of it as a personal cash back program that you can do for yourself and a way to save money on your groceries, because Lord knows groceries these days are so much more expensive than they were in the past. So I love this
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 0:16


One. Have you ever tried the instead of getting a Cherry Limade, get a Cranberry Limade. Oh, my God, it is so refreshing. Give it a try. Cranberry Limade. Light ice. They put too much ice in there
Leanne Pritchett
@TheMs.Leanne · 1:52
Now again, where I work, Target is like the big to do, it's a big deal in Hollister, California, and the fact that I have rewards at Target and it's a mile from my workplace and I'm there all the time, yeah, that's a good thing. Some other places, like McDonald's, believe it or not, McDonald's app does have some really good rewards. And I would get free food, but then I was also getting a lot fatter
Carly D
@Astroality · 0:39


Like I want to know all the things I dollars. Oh, and Jordan. I love their ice. Sonic ice is one of my favorite things ever. I love how crunchy it is. I love how easy it is to eat. Sometimes I go there and I just buy the giant, like, five pound bag of ice just to have the ice. So I love their ice
Carly D
@Astroality · 0:19
You. Good to know. Good to know. I guess I'll have to try it next time I go. I don't know that I'll go light on the ice, because, like I mentioned before, I really do like their ice. But, yeah, I'll definitely give it a shot and see if it's as refreshing as Jordan promises. Especially because it's so hot here already
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 0:49

@HigherSelfMonky @Astroality

I find the Cranberry limaid super refreshing. I guess I get mine with, like, a wedge of lime. They just put it in there. But I guess that you could still get a cherry if you want that cherry on top
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 1:18

@HigherSelfMonky @Astroality

It. The other thing is that I really like cranberry juice. I love the tartness of it, and I will have, like, cranberry juice at home and mix it with lemonade or just drink it on its own. But I think, like, cranberry, ice cold cranberry juice is just amazing. What do you guys think? I do like, a limaid simply drinks. Like, they're simply orange, simply lime. I really like those
Nidhin George 🔷
@geo_rhymes · 3:23

@Astroality - as a marketer I know too much about loyalty programs to fall for them 🤭

They definitely do, but no company would ever do anything wherein they had no monetary benefit. Now, to answer your question, I don't always sign up for loyalty programs because I know too much, I think unless those are programs that directly translate into monetary gains or benefit for me. For example, one of the biggest banks in India called ICICI Bank. They recently launched a credit card in association with Amazon
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Mike W
@Scribe7 · 2:08
And number two, some of the people that I was, I used to talk to when I went in there because I'd go in there like 02:00 in the morning or sometimes three, because I didn't feel comfortable going out during the day because I was injured for a long time, either recovering or injured and recovered. So it was some leanne times in there in between unemployment or waiting on the check from the 401 or whatever. And the lady gave me this long list of coupons
Carly D
@Astroality · 0:58


I haven't had the lime one now, but now I want to go to the store today and buy cranberry juice and the lime and make one and also go buy myself my Sonic Ice Wink Wink. Yes. Thank you for sharing this, because now I'm inspired to make an awesome beverage today, which I will do. I hope you're having a fantastic stick Friday. I don't know if you have any massive plans for Memorial Day, but whatever they are, I hope they're phenomenal
Carly D
@Astroality · 1:13


Hey, how am I the only one who's been sleeping on this? CVS rewards. You're the third person who's said that in this thread. Like, dude, I am missing out. And you're right. Like, $8 is a big deal, especially when you can spend it on anything
Carly D
@Astroality · 1:14


So that sounds awesome. And I'm glad that you're getting that extra five to $600 in savings a year. It adds up so quickly, which is awesome. We don't have anything like that here in the States. At least not yet. Maybe in the future, hopefully. You guys are usually the leader in financial things like that. So we will hopefully anxiously follow your lead here in the very near future
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 0:43


You. Okay, now you're getting bougie whipped cream on your raspberry, lemonade, strawberry, lemonade, whatever type of lemonade. What what is this, like a drink? P***? Food p***? Okay, it all right now. My mind just blew. There is brain matter all over the walls from the window to the wall see my brains fall see my brain matter crawl
phil spade
@Phil · 3:24

Totally depends!

However, what that kind of choice came down to is I'd be in a city, and if I was going to stay loyal to the chain, they may have one or two hotels in the area that were two or three stars, whereas I could go on Hotwire and find a four or five star hotel for the same price or cheaper. And for me, it wasn't worth it to stay at the two star hotel just to earn the points
Carly D
@Astroality · 0:22


I got. Jordan, I love you. You are so funny. And yes, I'm kind of bougie like that. Like love food. Mike? Yeah, I guess. Call me bougie if you want, but it's really good. I'm telling you. When you need like a treat, something sweet that's also refreshing, do it. You will not regret it. I promise
Carly D
@Astroality · 1:17
Okay. So I have to confess, I've never used an airline loyalty program and it is something that I should definitely look into because I do have family that lives out of state and we do visit them quite frequently. I just feel like I don't like reading tons of fine print and I always feel like the airline ones have tons of fine print. But it sounds like from what you're saying, it may be worth the investment of the time and the attention, the effort