Are you REALLY Authentic? Do you Think You Think Freely? Are our Thoughts really Original and Unaffected by Our Environment ? How Do YOU stay Unbiased

But if you know anything about it or want to add on to it or contribute something, you've read about it or some other sources, welcome to it. Let me know what you think. It's really fascinating to think about how authentic you really are

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Melony Killoren
@MelonysMind · 3:03
I think the way that I have found that I tried to maintain my authenticity, my integrity, my own personal on, my stay, on my personal path is that this is a difficult place to actually be able to say that I feel I am able to live from consistently now that I don't have my moments. We all do but it's become more often than not that I am able to live from this place
Auhona Dutta
@aspeakstoday · 1:19
That's a great way to go about it being the influencer instead of the influenced. Wow. Not being affected by it. If it's really negative and you don't agree with it, that's a beautiful way to go about it. It must have taken you a lot of work to get there, but that seems like a really great place to be