Moving beyond Assumptons: when will we look beyond symptoms and begin to manage cause?

What is the evidence that suggests that it is untrue? Listen, racism, sexism, ageism, misogyny, homophobia. All of the isms they're all rooted in and nurtured by assumptions. At some point, we have to begin to look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look beyond symptoms and begin to that. How are we going to do that

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Beliefs vs assumptions. Is it possible? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Because every single person is different, the way they think, the way they piece things together, the way they hold them in their minds. So to address someone's belief, it's not one size fits all. And it's not that you can take that belief away without replacing it with something because they'll dig in. They'll refuse to consider change. So if I may be so bold, I don't know if there ever will be a time
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Is it a difference that makes a difference?

Then you have to get people to examine whether those assumptions are valid or Invalid, where those assumptions are coming from. In regards to people's filters, which is where people's belief systems come in, which are influencing those assumptions as well as cultural issues, all of those things, and then ultimately to decide whether it's a difference that makes a difference. In other words, are you inhibiting someone else's performance, potential and opportunities? That's the way it works within an organizational realm
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100% agree

It's not something that should be exclusive to a high school humanities program. It's something like you said should be taught to kids at a young age. So great. Great school
Mark Ward
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So you'd have people that worked at the cafeteria to data entry to an executive to all different people that wouldn't ordinarily interact at all in the same room
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Fear of Difference

And the only way we can do that is through education and inclusivity. So I agree with everybody. I think it's super important. Look, I was super lucky because I was raised by a socialist, left wing, LGBTQ friendly family who lived and worked in social welfare. And what I noticed about the people who worked in the psychiatric hospital. I'm talking in the 70s in England was a lot of them are LGBTQI
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Hey, Addendum. Mark, I have never heard of decided interview. What a fantastic technique I'm going to use that in class. The students have to get to know each other a bit better first, so they don't say terrible things about each other age between 15 and 35. It's a very mixed classroom and the teenagers got lots of issues. The silent interview. Can you explain it in more detail? Like who writes the questions, et cetera, et cetera
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False Evidence Appearing Real

Once we debriefed, everybody had a good laugh about where people were completely off the boat. But then it became a discussion of why people came to those specific conclusions. Broad Brushstroke started looking at what people's belief systems are, the filters through which they see the world and the assumptions that underlie all of those and how that really affects the way that we show up, not only in the world, but in these circumstances, at work
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Their opinions, their temperament, their attitudes about life and death, about God, about everything are going to largely be influenced by that environment. They're going to necessarily have a dog eat dog mentality, because if you're trapped in the Ice Age, well, you can't grow any type of food on the ground because it's frozen. So the only food to eat is this big Buffalo looking creature running around. And we're all living in our separate caves
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I gotta chip on my shoulder

I like what you're talking about. Mtwell that's cool, man. That book sounds interesting. A little bit Darwinian, right. Survival of the Fittest. These are my theories in life that we're walking around in a contemporary modern world, technologically advanced with caveman instincts, and a lot of the problems between men and women, which is what I suffer from is because of caveman instincts. We're still driven to do the things that we were biologically created to do, how we've evolved
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So one had an idea that, hey, it's dog eat dog, every man for itself. So they were really into war. The other was just the opposite, and neither one in and of themselves was wrong, because if you live somewhere where the conditions are favorable and you really don't have any true war like mentality, not to say that you don't have war, but the mentality is not geared towards that
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Cavemen, Modern Women & Fighting the Knowledge fight

Same series that women were deemed weaker, less important because men were out fighting predators and catching food. They are the protectors of the tribe. The physiological differences between men and women still bloody exist, even though we're in a modern world. And I mean, this is a generalization on modern humans because we're all on a spectrum physiologically. There's men that are not so much that way. And women who are more masculine in their traits. You know, women who have really good spatial reasoning
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No predators = anxiety & Depression

Yes, I'm going to keep talking. Another theory I have that's related to the cave man ancestry in the modern world is anxiety and depression. I think a lot of the huge increase in these incidences in society is because we don't have any predators. We're not fighting for our survival anymore. Life is too evolved, too modern and too easy for a lot of people. I know it's not like that for everybody
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Uncomfortable conversations are necessary @Mtwadamela @AskMarkWard@GeorgieD

Even that requires a little bit of critical thinking because, of course, the skill is being able to investigate and tease between potential opposites. And so how do we do it? I think it starts with the education system. How do we do it before it starts with the education system? I think it starts with the family. Is it culturally related? Absolutely. Is it like pulling teeth? Absolutely
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It just becomes increasingly perplexing and bothersome to me that people do not question the validity of their own thoughts. It really is a form of willful insanity that becomes a habit. It becomes a reflex. It becomes unconscious and it's unfortunate. And it's costing people their lives in many ways. Anyway. Hope that you are doing well wherever you are in the world. Bye