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Why are you here?

I want to ask a question. It's one that many spend their lives attempting to answer, while others try to willfully avoid it at all costs, so it can either be discomforting or empowering, depending on your clarity, your comfort, and your willingness to explore. And the question is this, why are you here? I don't mean on swell. I mean on the planet. Do you believe that there is a reason for you being here?

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😆 Short answer: 🤷🏻‍♀️ What about you, @AskMarkWard?

If we're talking existential sort of purpose, then it could be as simple as a kind word or a smile that I've given to someone in passing, that I may never know the impact it had. And so in that regard, perhaps my purpose has already come and gone, or perhaps it's to continue to do that and not know what has transpired because of some word or thing I may have said to someone
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Someone referred to it as a calling, something that is unique to each soul that seems to be so intrinsically tied to their capacity for joy that one could easily argue that that is their purpose. And more compelling is the fact that those who have unlocked it are generally the ones who claim it, stating that this was what was missing for them all along
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@SeekingPlumb As I was saying...

I got cut off how rude, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. A purpose is what was I saying? Oh, a purpose. Like a latter. It can contain many wrongs. The core, the foundation may remain constant, but the different steps may be quite varied over the course of someone's life, but it does not change their purpose. And to answer your question, I do know my purpose, but I want to wait a bit before I share it

It's sound logic, yet I resist. 🤣 🤷🏻‍♀️ @AskMarkWard

The concept of purpose is such an interesting one, like you've, given these very sound logical reasons of why it's so valuable, but a part of me resists that. And I don't entirely know why. Way back in the day there was a book going around in the Christian circles called Purpose Driven Life. And even then, I couldn't figure out why there was so much importance spent on the idea of purpose
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Well, if you view this philosophy of purpose as a rule, as a restriction as a potential limitation as opposed to additional free, unlimited gasoline for your engine in then I totally understand why you may be inspired to run the other direction or why you might resist the idea. But just to clarify what I am speaking of is not necessarily the difference between being happy and unhappy. Sometimes it is the level of happiness and satisfaction versus the baseline that shifts as a result of committing to a purpose


No. I knew you meant that it was more about being happier, not unhappy versus happy. You know, I don't know whether I see. Now I need to think on it some more. But you know why I resisted so much and whether I don't know, you've given me a lot to think about. Thanks, Mark
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Multiple & Varied 😁

Okay, you two. That's enough philosophical debate. Why is Georgie here? Somebody asked me for a day. I haven't seen him for three years. And he said to me, after ten minutes of spending time with me for the first 1st time in three years, he said, what is your life purpose? And I said, That's a big question for somebody who just walked in the door. And he said, Well, and I said multiple
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"Purpose" oddly can be a triggering word for me.

In some ways, why not only I am here, but the existence and the fabric of reality is here, but that's a whole other conversation for another day. But I just thought I'd weigh in my thoughts on why we are here in existence and all that's good stuff and meaning and purpose
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And maybe celebrities are a good example of people who you don't know them, but they impact you, especially people that you know directly in the first person, to the extent that you can be aware of your impact on people that you do know and then be intentional about the kind of impact you want to have. I don't know if it's even possible to be intentional about it, though, because we over emphasize and overstate our free will
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This is a great swell. And this is honestly, this is a question, a similar type question that I ask myself all the time now, you know, we're all searching and we all want to know why we're here what our purpose is is. But I have another question that goes a little bit beyond that one
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Georgie Dee, so glad that you jumped in to contribute. Always good to hear from you. My experience of you in the few years that we have known one another is you do exactly that. All of those things. So I would say that you do an excellent job of demonstrating your purpose. And I for 01:00, a.m. Very, very happy to know you. Bye
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Hey, Duan, thanks for jumping in. You know, as we've established, I'm in no way unbiased in my belief system. I'm very upfront about that. I'm also keenly aware that my perspective is limited by my own experience, my own story, what's happened to me and my experience of those who have come to me for help. Now, the people that call me are those people that are feeling stuck
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But I also just wanted to say that prosperity and abundance are not limited to finances. That can be part of it, of course, but that is not in any way the totality of that condition. That was just a side comment. Anyway, I hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm thank you for contributing to this very for me. Very interesting conversation
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Let me just say that this incarnation, if that's what it is, has not been all wine and roses anyway, hope you're having a wonderful day and thanks for joining in. Bye
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Parroting life

And so if that were true, then I'd say that my job is to heal the trauma in my life that's being inherited from prior generations and hopefully use that wisdom to share the knowledge of transcending trauma with other people. I suppose at least that's how I live in the world. My current purpose is looking after this rainbow. Laura Keith, that's you Zoe