Bowie Rowan
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Is it Niceness or is it Kindness?

And he gave me what feels like one of the best compliments I've ever received, which was essentially in his experience with me. He said, You're really kind. You're not nice. I feel like niceness is when someone is trying to get something from you. Whereas kindness, we decided sort of together involves boundaries and telling, being honest with people and sort of really showing up for them, not just telling people what they want to hear or doing things so that you will be liked

Is there a difference in your life? #friendship #kindness

Liora H
@liora · 2:10
And maybe that's just because that's how I've experienced niceness for most of my life. It just felt very inauthentic and insincere. So even to this day, I don't take nice very seriously. If someone's being nice to me, I don't take that to mean that they're a genuinely good person or that they want to be my friend or anything like that. I need to see more than niceness to know that I matter to someone, and I completely agree
Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 2:10

@liora Geographic niceness!

I just talked to my friend earlier today about it when she was asking me looking for feedback about something in relation to work that she was experiencing, and I asked her, Well, do you feel like you're being nice or being kind? And she was like, what do you mean?