Ashish Bhateja
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What do we mean when we mediate with the word OM

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This, as you might have guessed, is a soundless state, and this is where we can experience true bliss. And hence this is the supreme state as well. So if you try and contemplate the meaning of Ohm, using these four States and have a regular practice of Om chanting, it generates a vibration that moves throughout our body, and it takes our focus from the external to the internal. And finally, over a period of time, one starts feeling centered into a transcendent state of consciousness

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Deborah Pardes
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Peace - Shalom 🙏🌱 @ashishbhateja

Hashis, thank you so much for sharing the depth of the meaning of Om. It makes so much sense to me to listen to you speak. And then as you describe the outer, the inner, the depth and then the and silence. I tried to kind of drop into that a little bit with you because it's the opportunity to consider integrating some of these sacred moments into an everyday experience. And I acknowledge that it's great to have time to block out and do our meditations
Ashish Bhateja
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And one can debate one versus the other. But to me, as you said from the Shalom example, I think each of this reminds us that there are different aspects of which we are a part of, and we are not larger than them. But that context is larger than us. And you're right. We do need to take that break. That pause that rest whether if we are doing exercises, then we take a break. If we are talking, we bring in a pause
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Universal consciousness

Hi Ashish, thank you for this. Well, Om to me has always meant universal consciousness. And when I chant the word Om, I sort of feel in alignment with the Cosmos. And it's also very fascinating to listen to what Deborah had to say about Shalom. I know of similar words across other cultures and across other religious beliefs, which are Amen, Amin, Ikonkar and again, AUM in Buddhism, Jainism
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