Inner Colors: "Not Being Seen"

Welcome. If you can hear my voice, you're now in a between space, a safe space. In this particular space, we're expressing and sharing our feelings, emotions and energies in relation to not being seen. If your feelings have a color, please share. If you don't feel comfortable yet sharing publicly, that's okay too. We look forward to you joining the space. When you're ready, we'll go first

What #colors, #feelings or #emotions come up when reflecting on "not being seen?"

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 3:47


This is just one more bloodletting, but this time it feels like old blood, old clotted blood that so many women had already spilled to gain these rights. And it's just very disturbing. So that's the color of my truth right now, and I share it with so many, I think

@DBPardes "Deep Fiery Red: Anger" 🙏🏽❤️💯🔥

But then, even in this analogy, this poetic analogy, it's not the length of duration of bleeding, but it's just merely the fact, an idea that we're still bleeding. It's unresolved bleeding. And we have to ask ourselves, humans have to ask ourselves, why are we still bleeding out from this? Why haven't we resolved this, come up with a way to stop bleeding out like this? But thank you so much