Truth in Smoke: "Mi Mama"

Me. Mama ain't never play no s***. We once saw Mama fight five guys. As we held her earrings and purse, she always reminded me that we were a gift from God. Sleeping in shelters. Me and my mom slept with one eye open. No concept of poverty, yet we were poor. Me and my mom never really hugged me, even though she said she loved me. Most times we didn't even feel loved. Never good enough

Inspired by our relationship with mi mama.

Process Imagining
@rafaelreyesiii · 1:21
Hello Third Owl and thank you for this truth and Smoke post or swell poetry, you know know. And listening to it, it was powerful and really opens up a lot of spaces that venture between pain, enjoy, love, but also hurt. Tell us a little about your mom and a little bit about you, your story and your history, which is so powerful. And I just wanted to acknowledge that

Thank you fot being a "Mother Symbol" for us. @rafaelreyesiii🙏🏽❤️💯

And we acknowledge and celebrate you as well as all mothers, to include ourselves. We play a mother role for our kids and people in our life as well. Yeah. I mean, honestly, we wanted to show that complexity of what a mother goes through. Our mother, she wasn't all bad, but we're all struggling, so we're not all bad