a Shamans Meditation: "An Ocean of God"

Greetings, tribe. If you can hear my voice, you're now within a Betwing space. Welcome. It's my honor as a shaman and journey to accompany you on an inward journey into self. Relax. Relax your mind and focus on the sound of my voice. Let us begin to reflect upon an ocean of God. Listen and you can begin to hear the crashing waves along the shore and also begin to imagine and feel the cool breeze coming off the surface of salty ocean water

A #meditation on "an Ocean of God." 🌊

Process Imagining
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How long can you stay in the ocean by just swimming? But then another image came to mind, which is one of transformation. Transformation of our own bodies themselves, so that we're able to survive within that ocean. That was amazing for me, thinking about we're supposed to transcend or we're supposed to transform ourselves into something more and not stay within boats. Boats are forms of safety, right? So that we can stay afloat
Dr. Aaron Waldron, M.Div.
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@rafaelreyesiii "Thank you for your contribution to this space." πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈπŸŒŠπŸ’―

God being not this concrete idea of divinity, but this actual fluid symbol of divinity that stimulates growth but also has a destructive side once applied with pressure and whatnot. So we have this materialistic example in nature that we're playing with imaginatively in our mind and spirit. And by doing this, we're starting to see that in the physical and the metaphysical world, it's happening simultaneously like this concept and it just aligns so well for us
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And you provide a great example of when I say the gills and the spirituality space of spirituality. But gills are also very embodied when we're looking at fisher wildlife and when I talk about transformation too. And then your statement of contamination is really real. It's not only spirituality, but embodied in that way, taking in race, gender, culture. So I found that interesting. That was an interesting move
Dr. Aaron Waldron, M.Div.
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@rafaelreyesiii "Boats & Submarines = Technology" πŸŒŠπŸ™πŸ½πŸ’­β€οΈπŸ’―

So there's kind of like this polarity or spectrum of technology that we've developed to help us not only explore, but navigate and travel through the ocean of God
Process Imagining
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You can consider religion like a boat in the sense of it's an abstraction. It has a certain set of materials, structure, so that I can maneuver along in it. And that's how I was thinking about the boats. And interestingly enough, when you're moving from this idea of an abstraction, which you can sort of say is religion, right, well, what is this thing that you found? Well, here it is. Boom
Dr. Aaron Waldron, M.Div.
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"Our Bodies are Boats." β€οΈπŸ’―πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ›Ά

And then some boats are built for staying on the surface. Some boats can withstand storms. Some boats have to still rely on paddle technology. Wow. Like, it goes in, in, and out. This analogy playing with our bodies are boats. Excuse me? Our bodies are boats. And so, even with that, the Urination in the water still does affect the boats, the embodiment, our embodiment. Or maybe Urination is a small example
Lance Watson
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@rafaelreyesiii @The3rdOWL: A view of vastness

But people sit on beaches day in and day out, sunbathing, relaxing, playing and frolicking in the witness of the waves and the surface of the ocean. And I wonder if that serves as assimile or metaphor for human consciousness. And by this I mean human consciousness universally in relationship to divinity, that we are witnessing perceiving and understanding divinity from the surface. And at the end of our days, the grass wither and the flower fades
Dr. Aaron Waldron, M.Div.
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L. J. Thank you so much for your contribution and joining this space of thought. Truly an honor. Truly everything you said, we agree with. You definitely added on to the endless add ons of such a discussion. And we greatly appreciate how you kind of poetically dove in and found your way, your own kind of stroke to this kind of dialogue and imagining. And it truly is beautiful to hear from your perspective as well. So again, we cannot thank you enough
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Please excuse me I was driving but I had to put on my you know whatever Mike I had and respond to this wonderful discussion

There's a beauty to that because that goes back to the point of fastness that can we truly understand, can we truly grasp the divine, can we truly grasp that which we call God, Allah? That's the question, isn't it? That's the piece. We want to connect, but we can only connect at least now by way of the veil, by way of guilt. I want to keep using that in the water world that you were alluding to it
Lance Watson
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@rafaelreyesiii @The3rdOWL: Selah & the Sea/Ocean

And to see the take a seat in that and knowing that there is something that we should not fear, that we should not overlook, that we should not take for granted, whether that be a deity, God, Allah, or that be a creator beyond our understanding or something outside of what is created, trying to understand purpose and trying to understand place. I've thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. Like I said, it will definitely be fodder for my journaling and further consideration and contemplation