Inner Colors: "Safe Space"

And as a child, we didn't really fully comprehend. But as we think back now and recall this color of Orange, but specifically the tangerine shade, we think of this safe space to share. The smell of rice and beans under the loud chimes of the grandfather clock reminded us of the tangerine in our hand. We are reminded that we are in a safe space. So what do you feel when you think of a safe space?

What #Colors or #Feelings come up when reflecting on #SafeSpace?

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:24


Wow. What a beautiful, beautiful memory. What a beautiful image with your grandmother and this tangerine Orange. I just saw it so beautifully. It does feel safe. I love how these questions you ask has always put us into this very specific space, very visceral. He's so good at that. I wanted to answer today and say that I got my booster yesterday, my fourth booster to protect myself and to hopefully get stronger immunity because I'm traveling and I'm not feeling great
Dr. Aaron Waldron, M.Div.
@aShamaninJourny · 3:05

"Growth Green" 🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♂️❤️💭💯🤔☘️🍊 @DBPardes

Right. That's interesting. That's really interesting. So as always, thank you. It is so divine and it's the universe. When you do have the energy, the mental capacity, and just the emotional connection to make these replies and share just a little bit of yourself, we really greatly appreciate your consistency to share parts of you that are so authentic and perhaps not even fully finished. So we are so honored because this is what this space is about