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Reshubh Arya
@aryareshubh619 · 2:12

Spanish Star Sergio Ramos retires from International Football

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Okay. Spanish football star Sergio Ramos detached from international defender after Spain hired new coach Paris and German and former Real Medicine star Sergio Ramos announced his retirement from international football after appearing 180 appearances for Spain. Ramos, who will be 37 in March, published a letter on Thursday's night in which he confirmed that he would no longer be a part of Spanish national football team which nearly made his last appearance on 31st March 121

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The Global Agenda
@TGA · 0:55
And now that Ramos has finally announced his retirement from international football, having not appeared for his country nearly two years after his new coach told him that he would no longer be selected, all of his fans out there would just like to give their well wishes to Ramos for all the things that he has in store for the future
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