Arushi Patkey
@arushipatkey · 1:29

Are we mentally prepared for the COVID 19 third wave ?

Of course, the central state and Union government are taking extra precautions to be screening the international travelers because we just opened international travel. I don't know how it's going to affect the travel industry and affect us mentally as well as emotionally and on a financial basis again, because we had heard about the third wave coming to India in the month of September and it luckily did not hit us

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@Shaz · 0:51
I understand that it is done because to keep the Panama Canal control, I'm not debating having a lockdown, but my reaction to it, I think it's going to take longer out of time to adjust to it. And I'm not really sure are we mentally prepared for the it
S Karthick Rajan
@Karthick · 1:29
They have lost almost all their savings. They are lifted nothing. So they are getting back to normal and this third day is going to be very bad for them, especially. So let's see how it happens. So unfortunately you are saying that it's going to hit in a couple of weeks. Right. So I'm are are, are, are, are, are are are are are. Are we mentally prepared for the wife is with my native