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Things I'm no longer apologizing for ! What are your thoughts

Of course, in office, we cannot be always available if it's an out of office, I think I am out of office. I do not want to be available all the time, even if my director calls me and says, hey, this is an issue we need somebody to look into. I think you have a backup, bro. I'm not always available. It's okay if you take a lot of time to process your feelings

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I'm literally there in front of you right now, and you spent half an hour telling me about how much I have not spoken to you. I feel like it's more about control rather than about love. So I'm not going to apologize for not keeping in touch. It simply means that person was so annoying to talk to. And every time that I'm talking to them, they just bring my energy wiped out. So I'm not going to apologize for not keeping in touch with them
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But when it becomes a way of life, you're often missing out on being able to enjoy the things that make life worth living and getting rest is a really important element of being able to be present and actually enjoy being with others and your body and all of the things you mentioned before. So that's what's most important for you apologize for any more than myself or with others
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I would like to add some things to this. Like a person should never apologize for their sexuality. I've heard people apologizing for being gay or bisexual and followed by as a woman, I used to apologize for not knowing how to Cook and instead knowing how to play games. So I think I should never apologize for that. I think one should never apologize for knowing their mother tongue better than the international languages
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Wow, Charles. I completely agree with you. I do feel I would never apologize for not keeping in touch. Because if I'm not keeping in touch, there's a reason for why I'm not keeping in touch. There can be two. Of course. One, that my life was such a mess that I couldn't. You've been touched on second is, I ignored you on purpose. Hi Fi on that
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I'm glad you could connect. And I'm glad you said this out loud, that it's okay to take rest. It's okay to not be functioning for a particular time. You can't be always pushing boundaries because you are a body. You are a soul that needs rest, and you never have to be sorry to be taking out time for yourself, even if that means going on a date, having a picnic, just resting on bed because everybody has their ways of resting
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There's a different line that I'm going in, but, yeah, I'm getting furious while recording this, but it's so true, right? You shouldn't be apologizing for not knowing things that have been imposed by the social social themes around us