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Arts Open Swellcast
@arts · 2:33

Is makeup an art?

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Makeup is a really interesting thing because it's existed for a really long time, but it hasn't always looked the way it does today. It's changed. It's evolved. But the one thing that's always been true of make up is that it's sort of serves as armor for one to wear, to brace on the world. And I think there are two ways of doing makeup

Do makeup artists deserve the same recognition as visual artists? #makeup #fashion #arts #cosmetics

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Rachel Goodwin
@PrettyCurious · 1:18
You as a makeup arts. Arts. I love that you're asking this question and posing this to people. This is absolutely imperative that people understand there's a huge difference between people who are technically proficient with make up and a makeup artists. A makeup arts is a true fine artist, and I do believe that they should be in the same category as a Van Gogh or a Rothko or any of the other great artists who have defined eras because makeup artists
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