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Just saying hi

Hi, this is me. I'm Wally. I'm an artist in North Carolina, south of Raleigh, in a town called Anger. And I'm just saying, Hi, get started as an artist and follow my story

The road down to be successful artist

Amira A
@Artist.Amiraa · 1:05
Well, Hi me. Wally. Was it Wally or Raleigh? I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. I have my kids over here. That's really cool. I'm so happy that you're sharing your art with us. I'm an artist too. Do is I'm trying to look at this piece that you've placed up here, trying to figure out which medium that is. It looks, maybe watercolor, but the texture says otherwise. I'm thinking pastel
Enfinit Evolushun
@Enfinit · 1:18
I love you, not for just being good, but for showing up here in this space. Everybody that shows up in my attention sphere, as I call it, they are going to get this love. So I'm sending it to you. And I'm thankful that you're here. I'm going to invite you to our space, our spiritual space, and amongst a bunch of good energy people, and just want to welcome you. You don't have to post anything. Just be there