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faizal rukz
@Artistrow · 0:57
Anyway, one is about the invitation to the Swell app and thank you. And I didn't remember her name. Anyway, and the other one is wishing me happy the Valley. And that's great from your side. Okay, I think it's been one month afterwards I'm replying and opening well, so busy with my little life. And thank you everyone. Have a good life ahead. So bye

#goodquotes #positivevibes

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 1:11
Hi. First of all, it's great having you here, really. And I'm not sure if I have come across the previous cells, but I just listened to this one, and yeah, I guess I hope that we get to see more of you on this app. Get to hear more. From you. And, yeah, it is a great app
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