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Sleep - The Major Part of Human Life

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"…If nothing else, that should have distract you from thinking about whatever it is that might otherwise keep you awake. So that's all for it. The one thing keep in mind practice is the key. This military method might not help you get to sleep faster the first few times. But the more consistently you use it, the better you will train yourself to relax. And let go with trying to fall asleep more quickly or not how we fall asleep.…"

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Diksha Kajla

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"…So very first of all, thank you so much for inviting me to listen up this very incredible swell. It was, like, worth knowing. Please keep it up. It's it's worth knowing. Thank you so much for sharing sharing this beautifully articulated swell. Thank you. Bye.…"

shilpee bhalla

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"…Hello. Good morning Arman. I listened your swell. It's a very nice and informative swell. And I really agree with you. Nowadays slipping is a big problem for in some countries and some persons. But you give six steps and it really works. I know about this because from ancient times we use the steps in yogasana after any kind of yavasna in the last always set for duvasna. And all the steps we follow in Shavasana. And within two or 3 minutes we relaxed.…"


gungun bansal

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"…I do take my seven to 8 hours sleep in a day because it's extremely important for yourself to work productive the very next day. It's not like the way I if you didn't sleep, you will be able to work. No, it won't. It won't work like that. And thank you so much for sharing these techniques. I really think that it's going to help us in a very good manner. So thank you so much for posting this content.…"

Kritika Saraf

@ksaraf1312 · 2mo ago · 0:09

"…I think proper sleep is very important. It keeps us healthy.…"



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