Arked Muse
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Internships: paid or unpaid , virtual/remote or on site?

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And then simultaneously I was like looking for an accommodation for myself in a very unknown city, which is a very tough job. And I'm still like with nothing in my hand. But I was actually wondering while appearing for the interviews and all that, what do you guys think about internships and work for internships and some part time jobs? I mean, to say that there are certain internships that offer you a lot of things in terms of loaning, progress, growth, but they won't pay you

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Tanjot Singh
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So they were getting their money, I was not wasting anyone's time. They were allowed to work only for 5 hours a day, not more than that, because they have their lives also. So that's how the recruiters, the managers, the owners of the company should think because they themselves are
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