Arish Ali
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A Swell AMA - I am co-founder of Swell, ask me anything.

Hello everyone. First of all, thank you for using Swell. You are early adopters of Swell and we really appreciate your time with the platform. This particular spell is in the tradition of a Frank Q and A, which have a rich history. You on various online forums and sites. It is an Ask me anything session but fair warning. While you can ask me anything, I will not likely be able to answer every question

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James Cecil
@podcastpadwan · 0:10
How did the development of Swell come about what started the whole process of developing this app
Arish Ali
@arish · 2:25

The story of Swell

And the conversations we are having in the app is very different from the same conversation they've done over emails, slack text, or even in the face to face meetings that we found that these twelve conversations ended up being a lot more thoughtful, a lot more kind and a lot more interesting. We also noticed that brought together perspectives. The format ensured that voices were heard
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Zoya Ali
@zoya · 0:04

Why the name Swell?

Why did you name the App or the Platform swell
Arish Ali
@arish · 0:20
The name Swell was the brainchild of our chief creative officer, who did a kind of a design exercise early on and came up with it. And we all just simply fell in love with it. It was short and very memorable, and we thought it would be kind of last us well, and that's how we chose it
amit modi
@amit · 0:15
What is your vision for Swell? And what role do you think Swell will play in shaping the next generation of social media platforms
Arish Ali
@arish · 1:01

Vision of Swell

And when you learn to listen to all these different voices and diverse perspectives in a conversation, you end up being better informed and have more understanding of the world around you. So while you can do a lot with swell, use it in many different ways at a very fundamental level, it's goal is to take us back to the simplest, oldest, and most elemental form of communication of people just talking to each other in their own voice
Howie Rubin
@Howie · 2:08
Will swell be a publisher or platform or both. The reason why I asked this is because I've been listening to what's going on with Facebook. They have approximately one point 75 billion daily active users, and somehow or another, the government is expecting them to be able to police their daily activities. And I assume in real time period, is this really possible? Technically, how can they build up algorithms that bring down sites when they're looking at one point 75 billion users on a daily basis?
Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:14


Howie a wonderful question. I had answered a very similar question in a different scale. And I'm linking it here. Have a listen. And I hope that helps answer
Mazlan Abbas
@mazlan · 0:06

What is your business model?

Hi, Arish. What is your business model? Oswell. Thank you
Arish Ali
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Hi, Mazlan, that's a great question. We are currently considering multiple options, but leaning towards the podcast model, which is driven by audio ads
Mazlan Abbas
@mazlan · 0:21
Hi when exactly did you have start the idea of Swell and how long does it take for you to develop the first version before you launch it? And how many users are now on Swell from the day that you have started, what day is that? I mean, what's the date that you start to introduce you to the public
Arish Ali
@arish · 0:42
We will share some of that information publicly as well. And you'll hopefully get a better idea of our growth at that point. I hope that helps. Thank you. Bye
kannan Ganesan
@Kannan · 2:01

#suggestion #translator

So in that case, do we have any translator kind of audio translator in future to translate a conversation which was recorded from their own native language to the one who is listening to the audio in his own language. So the reason is there are quite plenty of useful information which was stored in as well. But I'm afraid if this is going to be an audio which is specific to the author language, then I'm afraid the content, the data may not be understandable by many uses
Unscripted Startups
@Startups · 0:45

What was the biggest obstacle you guys faced

What was the biggest failure obstacle you guys faced and had to overcome when launching the swell platform. I believe that failure is not talked about enough in the startup culture ever in talk asked about the successes, but they never talked about the failures and it's important to fail early and often so you can build up and take those skills and apply them to your next venture and be better at it
Arish Ali
@arish · 1:13

@kannan - good suggestion. Human interpreters can use swell too.

And that might be actually a much more effective and interesting way of communicating globally than trying to use the software to solve the problem. So we'll see how that emerges. But thanks for the suggestion
Arish Ali
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@Startups - Failure is overrated. https://app.swell.life/swellcast/J8Qs

Unscripted of startups. Thank you for your question. I have a slightly different take on it. I personally believe that failure is overrated in the context of startups in particular, especially in Silicon Valley out here and there tech startups. The reason for that is having done it for the last 20 years. People often believe in failing fast and kind of trying out things and carry their failures as two or three times entrepreneurs as a badge of honor
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