Arish Ali
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Why do you Yoga?

So the Yoga Sutras start with this line that yoga Jith Riti Nirodha, which roughly translates to the yoga, is about basically mind Riti is wandering, agitation, movement and Niroda means to kind of end. So yoga is to basically end all movement in your mind. Kind of make your mind still. And that really for me, has been why I kind of took up the practice of yoga to meditate and try to kind of achieve that kind of calm and peace

#yoga #meditation #yogasutra. Why do you practice yoga and meditation?

Deborah Pardes
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https://insig.ht/9rKF2YT9f7 A gift to ourselves #music #breathing

I grew up watching my mother do this sort of crazy thing. I didn't understand it. At first she would do this sort of Cobra move, and then she'd stick her tongue out and go. It would make me laugh. I never took it as exercise. I took it as her being silly. Of course, as I grow older, I knew what she was doing. Periodically, I would join her. She didn't call it yoga. She called it stretching
phil spade
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Working out does not always mean high intensity

I actually came to yoga from a mindset of workout equals extremely high intensity. And I kept on getting sick. And it was because worked at a high stress job. And then I would go workout and I would do a high stress workout. And I can't remember who pushed me in the right direction or something. I kind of discovered on my own
Rachel Sellers
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I used to practice yoga because it gave me a sense of relaxation, calmness, self introspection. And it helped me to gather myself for the day. And that's something that I really need to get back to because I'm just being lazy
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Trying to adapt functional yoga to align myself in a tough time.

This month has been centered around my hobbies, and it's been a lot of weight bearing, like isolation style yoga and not your deep center, using it to align your body's type yoga. And I'm trying to get back into it
Noa Lily
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Yoga is my time for self-reflection! #meditate #slowdown

It's now something that is more internal. So even just sitting down and having a purpose on the mat is yoga regardless of if you're in downward dog or in a handstand or whatever the poses. So for me, I do yoga because it's a time for me to slow down the thoughts
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Arish Ali
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And then, of course, as you said, there's still is just kind of taking a pause, like a little pause button on life and lets you sit down, blank out your mind and think nothing for a few moments
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