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Episode 1 - Guess the Shayar - "Ek fursat-e-gunah mili…"

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So if you know the poet, either tell the name or even better, share one more share by that poet as a clue to other people to guess. And then please do not look it up on Google. Thank you

#GuessTheShayar #UrduPoetry #urdu #poetry #quiz Guess the shayar from the sher. No cheating!

zeba sahib
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so i think this is vasamatfasifi⁇mnot rong and i think it a very nice thing that you ve started very interesting i get to know a lot more if is bignmgernywith learning somerton ports and point so i think is going to be great i m going to get a lot of things that i dont know already so excited।
Arish Ali
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The full ghazal, sung by Noor Jahan https://s.swell.life/STOCz0Wwtn7fUx8

yes, the anser is famatfsincomparible poet thank you zibaanchinai for replying and i mading here a link to the full goslsungbyanurjaha।
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Welcome to Swell!

Jaya Chawla
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Hi This is fun. I guess this is Faraz Sahab ..

Arish Ali
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@JayaC https://s.swell.life/STQUBjY7XmoG3JR

i dare the correct anser is fasematfresactally not hemat for us।
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