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Guess this song! Saturday Music Quiz - classic rock edition

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His arrival, it seems, had broken his dreams by feeling the girl of his fancy. And she called herself still. But everyone knew where. I smelled it now she and her mind

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Tim Ereneta
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I know this one…

I do know this song, Arish. I grew up with listening to this album, the Beatles, their white album. And so this is Paul McCartney singing the lead on Rocky Raccoon. And it's funny. You have a little bit classic rock, which I suppose it is, but Paul McCartney is doing his best to make it sound like an American country and Western song. Yeah
Andrea Perato
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Hi I think this song is from Beatles
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I love listen to music
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@Tim @perrijonni

Hi, Tim and Andrea, thanks for playing. And yes, it is the Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles. Rocky Raccoon. He was a phone unto himself and he would not swallow his foolish pride. Mind you, coming from a little town in Minnesota, it was not the kind of thing that a young guy did when a fellow went and stole his check away from him. Now Rocky Rockle checked into his room only to find cages Bible