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A love letter to the ultimate love letter, The Taj Mahal

But when you actually walk up to it, it's a pretty imposing large building and that was one of the big surprises I had when I walked up and saw it. And the other thing is just the sheer beauty of it is still unparalleled. Just keep on staring at it and it never gets sold

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The entrance to the Taj Mahal

The other thing you pointed out was a lot of the stones that are there by precious stones and that's kind of a theme throughout the whole building was actually built with many precious stones. But the ones on this gate are ones that actually shine in moonlight. So if you come during a moonlight night, they're a special stones that actually deliver in that night
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Walking up to it…

It's. This is when you actually walk up the steps and are about to enter the Taj Mahal. Try to take a more wide angle kind of picture here so you can see the full structure. And it is just the sheer size of it is much, much, much bigger than you would imagine just by looking at pictures. And it's very impressive
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The entrance to the tomb

This is the entrance to the actual tomb where both Shaja and Mumtaj Mahal were buried. And you no longer have access to the actual tomb chambers for safety reasons that are based on the reason they have shut that off. But they have a replica right up there that you were able to see outside. As you can see, the marble that is used is just absolutely gorgeous marble. It came from? I think Cory somewhere in Augusta
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Optical illusion

The Taj Mal is filled with lot of well thought out details. And again, if you go through a full tour guide, you'll get the full story and I'm sure you can find it on the web as well. But one of the things that stood out was the pillars on the side where you could if you look at them, it looks like it's a you can see the strangler kind of structure in the pillar, but it's actually flat. All those sides are flat sides
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Another perspective

This is just another perspective. As you walk out of the target band, you go down from the side and you can see the full building and the tall minerals. There another interesting thing that the guide pointed out was these minerals kind of are not straight. They tilt outwards. And the reason for that is in case there was an earthquake. They didn't want it falling back onto the main building. They wanted to fall outside, away from the main structure
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One more image as you walk out…

This is one more picture of the full building as you walk out from the right side. So you walk up to the building on the left side, and then you walk back out from the right side of the building
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Agra fort, where Shahjahan was imprisoned by his son

Our trip to the taj mahal is not complete unless you also visit graffit, this very massive military structure that was built by the mogul empires over many years and again. And there's a whole history and story to that you can find a need about. But what's interesting from the perspective of the taj mahal was that Shaja, the emperor, was eventually imprisoned by his son orangs in Tagara fort
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The Taj from Agra fort

And when Shajna was imprisoned, he had a view of the Taj mahal from his quarters, where he could see the taj mahal from so this is the view of the Thai male from Agra fort. So it could have looked something like this to him as he he spent his last days looking at the monument that he had built for his beloved wife
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Diwan e Aam, where the fabled Peacock Throne was

I just found that a very fitting kind of summary of where things have come. But that said, this is an amazing place to visit. And if you do go to visit and want some tips from me, let me know. You can reply to this well and ask me a question if you have any happy to shift, share more tips and tourist advice and what tourist traps to avoid, so please feel free to reply

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you so much for sharing. The pictures are amazing. And then the information behind it and the stories and the details. And to go to add to the cherry on top the sleeping mug. I just love this. Thank you. Thank you so much


Oh, and thank you for that tidbit about the leaning towers because I thought is it my imagination or are they leaning? And I thought part of that I could imagine being perspective but then it seemed a little excessive in a now I'm relieved to know that they are actually leaning a little bit. Thank you
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And in terms of the tour that you took, the doses that are around, do you recommend bringing ones on where you're staying or going to get from there? Because I definitely love when there's someone talking to me. What are your thoughts about that? Thank you
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Hey, Deborah. So to answer your question about what time of day, the guide told us that it's actually by moonlight. It's supposed to be stunning, and the stones light up the ones that still remain, and you apparently have to make a reservation almost a day in advance to do that. So an early mornings are also very popular to go and see sunrise there as well. So both of them are kind of recommended, I would say
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So to add to this, if I'm not mistaken, Deborah, it's the full moon night. So I think that's what you got a book in advance. I don't believe it is open for other nights, but it's on the full moon nights that they have have a special entrance or whatever. And so that's what you've got to book in advance. So you've got to plan your travel around being there on a full moon night
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Okay, I'll jump in as well. Here is an addition. Night viewing of Taj Mahal is available on five days in a month on the full moon night and two nights before and two nights after the full moon. The tickets are available on their website. You can go into Taj Mahal gov dot in case you're really keen. Interesting point here is the timings are from 08:30 p.m. To 12:30 A.m. In eight batches of 50 people max
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Thank you for this. I have always been fascinated by the structure and mostly by the love story behind it. It just pulls out the romantic in all of us, doesn't it? And your photos are so gorgeous. It's so nice to be able to armchair travel and see the entrance and everything up close. So I really appreciated this. Thank you