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Arish Ali
@arish · 1:33

The Leap of Faith - Startup Founders Share Origin Stories

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Are you a startup founder? Or have you in the past been part of the founding team of a startup? What led you to take that leap of faith the very first time? As a two time Silicon Valley based founder, myself, and with many friends who have started their own startups and build successful businesses, as well as many who have thought about it but then did not go down that path, I find that moment fascinating

#AskAFounder Inviting startup founders to share their origin stories in 5 minutes or less. #inspiration #entrepreneurs #startup #founders

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🙏🏽 #Founder of "Between | Space." Link: @arish

So the more we get into this project, we're starting to see that theo poetics is necessary, developing podcasts, possibly publishing books, but more importantly, developing an online community. And that's what we're in the works of doing right now. And then creating a therapeutic space for these millennials to share and really kind of understand their own religious traumas, but more importantly, just be heard, primarily heard, because not enough of us have outlets or spaces or resources that allow us to be heard
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Keith Pichelman
@Appjunky · 4:19

How do we get to the point that this could be sustainable? And how do we get to the point of growing and being able to have employees running all the different positions in the company that we need? So yeah, I think it was an exciting time and I'm looking forward to hearing others founders experiences and hearing how they made that leap of faith as well
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Vikas Gupta
@vikasgupta · 4:03

The starting pojnts for Jambool and Wonder Workshop

In some ways, the technology being there that hadn't existed before then allowed us to create products that were much lower in cost and much more receptive to user interaction and create this world on these devices that are universally present, the children could use to learn to code and therefore we could serve a need in the market that is not being served by anyone. So that felt like a perfect recipe to start a company and build a business. And that has proven indeed the case
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