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Brené Brown’s response to the Joe Rogan Spotify controversy

I just read Brene Brown's response to the Spotify controversy she had pulled off her podcast last week, and there was a lot of social media response to that. People canceling Bennet Brown for cancelling. That's what they thought. But if you go and read the actual response you have given, it's very articulate, very well thought out, and really captures a lot of my own concerns about what's happening in social media right now, how public discourse is conducted. I'll give one point

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Great Swell. Not directed at anyone. *inventor of MRNA tech is what I meant

And not only that, but it seems like just recently the CDC is finally acknowledging natural immunity, which again, I do want to put a Disclaimer. I am not an advocate of self medicating or self treating yourself. I do believe in vaccines. However, with the information given from both sides, I really do think people should look into this sort of thing rather than just being on one side or the other
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Hi Prathawaratu, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think the only thing I would add further to this conversation is given the comment you made about misinformation being a joke. You're right. And I think the reason why it has become so bad is something that was said captured by Isaac Cassimov in 1080. It's funny
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That would be horrible, because art is art, and that's the definition of it. It's all from the beauty and the beholder of the creator, for that matter. Podcasts have a different kind of weird presence in our world. They're kind of conflated because of the aspect of newsiness in them. Right. And I think that the dollar sign of Joe Rogan's agreement with Spotify is mashed up against how many artists don't make money on Spotify
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But there's so many people uploading content not everybody will make, and most of them will not make any money. Right. You look at Amazon, Amazon's power comes and you can go and search for any product that you want to. But so many of those sellers, there are such small mom and pop shops who on their own are not making tons of money. But thanks to Amazon, at least you have access to them and you can buy and they will do at a smaller number