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Arish Ali
@arish · 1:42

The Swell About Nothing

This is, after all, how humans have communicated for thousands of years before all the other, more advanced and fancy means of communication came along. There's something very elemental about just people talking in their own voices. And if Swell can recreate some of that and bring some of that simplicity to our digital presence, I think it would have more than served its purpose. So with that said, I would love to hear from you. What's on your mind?

Let’s talk! Whether you know me or not, I would love to hear from you. #justtalking #myfirstswell

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Mazlan Abbas
@mazlan · 1:37
Hi, Arish. My name is Mazlan. Maybe I'm one of the first twelve users from Malaysia. So I just subscribed this morning and I'm trying it out and I feel this this is one of the very unique podcasts that someone have developed. So Congratulations to you. I personally myself as an entrepreneur to working in the areas of Internet of things. So I just take a look at who exactly is well and who are the co founders
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