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Arish Ali

 · 2w ago · 0:35

What makes food taste good? Help me out for a middle school assignment

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"…So what makes food taste food? This is a question that my son is looking to get answered for his middle school assignment. I'll let him fill in the full question. Hi, Swell. My question is, what do you think makes food taste food and why do you think that? What foods do you like and why? What foods don't you like and why? What do you think is the true reason behind it all? So there you have it.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2w ago · 2:09


"…It tastes dead. So it's also the origin of the food itself. I think it's also driven by what's going on when you're eating. I think it's very emotional eating. I think it's connected to your whole experience, and food brings up a lot of comfort. If it's comforting, I think it tastes really good. Maybe that's the heat or again, the consistency or who's serving it to you. It's a complicated question.…"


Charvi Dhiran

@charvi24 · 2w ago · 4:00

"…The more amount of people you ask, you'll find that the more different answers you'll get, the more varied answers you'll get. Apart from that, there are parameters of was the food made with love? Are you eating hot noodles and soup on a rainy day? Or are you eating ice cream in winter? Of course. Again, personal choice. But each food hits different with weather. Each food hits different with the lifestyle you live.…"


Preshti 123

@Preshti · 2w ago · 2:18

#swellcast #poetsofswell #preshtifeels

"…And it feels so worse to eat it. But if it would be plain, simple but flavorful, I will love to eat it. But this plain but tasteless and somewhat it's like you. I hate this food. So I hope something from my side will help your son to complete his assignment. Thank you, sir, for this amazing question.…"


Vipin Kamble

@Vipin0124 · 2w ago · 2:30

@arish #food #goodfood #positivevibes

"…You're. Good morning, sir. Weapon this side. It's a good question and it has a beautiful meaning in itself. I being a mother, I being a cook. From my experience, what I have felt is whenever something is cooked, it with deep love and emotions and taking the consideration of the appetite of the person who's going to eat matters a lot.…"


Prabha Iyer

@PSPV · 2w ago · 4:17

"…Let us sit, eat, enjoy eating, enjoy the swell, enjoy the aroma of the food, the spices that is involved in the food, all the good things that the food gives us. Let us take a moment to thank the Almighty, to thank the people who have prepared it for us. Or if we have prepared. Thank ourselves. Wow, what a good food you have prepared, dear. Talk to ourselves and then eat.…"


Omema Awan

@ome · 2w ago · 2:31


"…But I can honestly say that the reason I think it tastes food or when I will find it to taste good, is when she makes it for me. And I don't know why that is, but something about her having staved over it in the kitchen and having touched the ingredients by herself and mixed them all together, it carries a certain taste of memory for me. And that's why, to me, any food that my mom cooks will taste better you. I hope that helps.…"


Disha Agarwal

@disha_aga05 · 2w ago · 3:24

#DishTales What makes or breaks any food item? #foodandculture

"…And on the other hand, when something new dish, something different from what from presentation and from looks and from taste and from even the words like what the food is called or what components it is made of, these things are different print. We tend to get attracted to it because we feel that it is less in number because it is not naturally grown here or it is not naturally present to us in our immediate environment, we tend to find it more appealing towards us.…"


Srija Sadhukhan

@Srijasadhukhan · 2w ago · 1:41

#srijasadhukhan #collegevoiceindia #poetsofswell #swellcast

"…And genuinely, there is no dishes from my side that I hate. It's like I really love all the food and to be very honest, I don't like vegetables much. But though the way my mom used to cook, I love it. And for me, that is the love and the care. It's also one of the main ingredients we need to put while cooking that basically makes the food taste good. It.…"


Kavita B

@kavitaseth22 · 2w ago · 1:59


"…You? Very good question indeed what is good food? Food is not only that we eat food is a need, important need for our life and our life is totally, you know, attached with this food if there will be no food, we cannot live biological ways are that food is very important to make our body healthy, fit and what is the importance of nutritive food?…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Nikita Majhi

@Nikitamajhi · 2w ago · 2:17

#nikitamajhi My view for food taste #collegevoiceindia #poetsofswell #swellcast #foodculture #homemadefood #swellreply

"…For all these reasons, I mostly prefer eat home food that includes rice, fish, bread, vegetables, curry, sweet meats, noodles, salads and cheese, olives. Among restaurants and street food, I love it. Pizza sandwich. But home food has different test and I have never tried few things. And sometimes I had tried few items and disha once or twice and then never tried them again since I didn't like them.…"


Rohit Sharma

@ROSH · 2w ago · 2:24

"…You have heard my as well and you know how deep in the micro world of the food taste I go into. So there are two aspects to it. The first is on a serious note, this will help your son if he is already in making the project. First aspect is the chemical equation of the food. When they react with each other, each food, each the masalas MLGs or the herbs which you add, even the water is very essential part. These are the three basic things.…"



@Kavya._gopal · 2w ago · 2:04

"…Hi. Such an interesting question. I think what makes food taste good personally is memory. So it's not just the food that you grew up eating at home, necessarily like the food that your mother cooked or your grandmother cooked, but the food that you went out and had when you were during family trips or when you used to go out with your family, whatever you had then. I just have a special affinity towards those foods.…"


Arish Ali

@arish · 2w ago · 0:30

More replies welcome - deadline is only next week. Thanks everyone who replied!

"…You. First of all, thank you, everyone who has already replied to this. I was overwhelmed by how many people have chimed in and shared some wonderful responses. So thank you, everyone who has done so. And I know some people wanted to know if they're too late or can they still reply. So please feel free to reply to this third anytime.…"

phil spade

@Phil · 2w ago · 2:52

"…Because even when you look at whole foods in general, like if you had fish or a hamburger, it's going to be some of the spices that you add to it. Or you look at chicken like Kentucky fried chicken. It's the secret herbs and spices that make it more appealing, I guess, to taste buds. And how does it smell? I think somebody else mentioned taste involves sight, smell and actual taste.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 2w ago · 1:18

"…I love this Arish. Love that you're bringing it here to swell. I have a very, very, very simple answer to this question. Seasoning. If you can learn how to season your food, food is going to take you on a magical journey. For context, I do not eat red meat, and I do not eat gluten for the most part, nor do I eat dairy, so being able to season my food properly is a must.…"


Patricia Petitt

@hp345 · 2w ago · 4:18


"…You. So the question is, what makes food taste food? Food tastes good when it's connected to thought, whether whomever is preparing it, if they are thoughtful in the preparation of it, if they take their time putting the a dish together, if the dish is pleasing to the eye. There are so many factors that contribute to whether or not food tastes good. It's connected to a person's preference.…"


SoulJourney 1K

@SoulJourney1K · 2w ago · 1:13

Just a pinch of seasoned salt🧂

"…Particular foods that I do not like depends on how it makes me feel. There was a time where I was able to eat hot dogs without it bothering me, but maybe because of my age now, I still eat hot dogs, but it has to be a particular one. And it's very rare that I try to eat one. They bother me, but yeah, I hope that answers the question somewhat. Good luck on your assignment.…"


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 2w ago · 4:50

"…Nonetheless, you are exposed to different people from different regions, different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and you are introduced to how they prepare and season food. And because you are in Rome, as the figurative saying goes, when in Ome, do as the Romans, you in a situation where you might not have tasted it, are now in a situation or a space where you are open to tasting that cuisine.…"


Jhilik Ghosh

@pennedemotions · 2w ago · 1:30

What according to me makes food tastier is..

"…And adding salt to anything makes it better. You can try it with fruits, or you can even try it with glucondi. If you're a kind of person who likes tamarind, who likes things a little SAR and sweet, then you can try it with blue condi, for sure. I hope you will like it. So, yeah, salt, according to me, makes food tastier. Thank you. Hope this helps.…"


Beth Reed

@bethjreed · 2w ago · 0:28

#food #umami #fooded

"…You. Hi. I love that you asked this question. I am a teacher myself, and I teach about food for elementary school. And this is a question I love to ask my students. So that's awesome that you're doing it in middle school. For me, it's the salty, umami and savory flavors that make food taste good. Bringing those together with a blend of spices and herbs and ways to just brighten the food with fresh and ingredients.…"


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