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Arish Ali

 · 3yr ago · 2:10

Poker players vs Chess players - who makes a better leader?

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"…So the level of preparation that is needed is also very deep. There are very few people I feel who can be great at both. It's just very different skill sets, very different personality types. Right. So to be successful, whether it is in leading a country or leading a startup or any kind of business organization, you do need both the skill sets.…"

Trump is a master poker player playing chess with grandmasters on the world stage. #startups #leadership #chess #poker


Arun Munje

@Arun · 3yr ago · 0:55

Team leader

"…I think both poker and chess is an individual player, and a good leader should not be an individual player, but more a team player and someone who can inspire the team to just think that it's their own work and they get inspired to do a lot of things and they could be good chess players. But the main leader should be a team player.…"


Shammi Mohamed

@shammi · 3yr ago · 2:27

"…You could disagree with me. A lot of people might disagree with me, but that has always been my viewpoint is CEOs and Coos are different and I probably have seen seen some coos come into the role of CEO and taken an amazing company to just be a mediocre company.…"


phil spade

@Phil · 3yr ago · 1:52

"…I've always wanted the CFO to be a fantastic poker player. The CFO will take in a lot of information and especially as it relates to forecasting, needs to read the table and understand where everybody is actually coming in. And the CFO is very analytical, very adept at understanding all the chips in the table on the table, willing to be put in the table and reading that table. And to me, the CFO is more than just an accountant, much more of a poker player.…"


Yuval Yatskan

@Yatskan · 3yr ago · 0:58

"…And with the calculations, I know that at least Magnus Costs sometimes said that if we had time, we could calculate pretty much like infinitely. And it may hint to kind of analysis paralysis sometimes. And at least with poker, you have to be somewhat execution oriented and be willing to take risks. Bottom line, strong leader can be either a great chess player or a poker player, but must have characteristics that borrow from both if that makes sense.…"


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