Arish Ali
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Quick poll - who would you like to talk to on Swell?

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Who would you like like to talk to on Swell? This is just a quick poll. What I want to know from you, the listener is what's your wish list of people who, if they were here on Swell, you would love to talk to them, people whom you would like to see invited on Swell so you can have a conversation. Would it be Hollywood celebrity? Would it be a politician, an expert in a particular field, a writer?

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grace pouri
@gracepouri · 0:39
So when I think of people that I'd like to talk to that I haven't already on swell. I mainly think of people in the medical field or people who have gotten their degree in biology and maybe are studying for the MCAT at people who are going to residency or I don't know, kind of that type of field, because I'm interested in having lots of questions and conversations. I definitely think talking to a politician would be cool. I as well
Jomarie Almeus
@jomariexann · 0:13

My choices

I would like to talk to character designers and storyboard artists. I like to ask them about their process and how they managed to land a job and tips on portfolio making as well
Rehan Shah
@ririshah · 2:08
And if I have the chance to interact, he meditates into the world of cricket broadcasting. If you see now and you look at how many commentators or broadcasters are like non cricketers, you can count on one hand how many of them are there. And Harshaw Boogle is a well established one, so there aren't a lot of those going on around. And how he established himself as somebody who isn't an international cricketer is just amazing for me
Kenzie Kettwig
@kenzie · 0:10

Actors and people behind the scenes

Personally, I would like to talk to people in the film industry. And that includes, like, actors, people that make CGI, things like that. Because that's something I'm Super interested in
Samuel Penate
@samuelpenate · 0:48
I personally would love to talk to a politician or someone in the medical field. I think sometimes people in the medical field or in the government field, they always have a lot of things to share to, you know, young generations as we are in College, so we can think about what's ahead of what are some inspirations, among other things, and some of their experiences being professionals
Katie Callahan
@katiecal · 0:39

Art Curators and Exhibit Designers!!

Hi. I would really love to talk to an art curator or someone who works in the Museum designing exhibits. I'm studying art history, and I would my goal is to work in a Museum. So I think that would be really cool. Maybe someone who designs interactive exhibits like the Van Gogh or someone who's an expert in Japanese art or someone who's an expert in Renaissance with art, Greek art, anything like that. I think that would be really cool
Mark Francis Rahaman
@MarkR · 4:35
So, you know, especially anything that's like hot on Netflix when you've got the acting, one of the cast members or any writers or directors anybody like that would be really interesting to speak to all sorts of books. So you know how books go around. So I'm in the fitness and health industry, but you get books. People give me books that their friends have written. And all the people in the same sort of space, like coaches and stuff know these books
Cassandra Franco
@Cass_franco · 0:26
But more about, like, the coaching aspect, like from an athlete's perspective, active, what method of coaching is most effective for them, or do they think is most effective in creating a team that's, like strong, is connected and will work well in the field
Liv Blair
@livblair · 0:35
Hi. So I think for me personally, I love getting to talk to working actors or people in screenwriting or anyone in directing or just any app industry. I think it's super cool and something that everyone would be interested in because it's so heavily ingrained in pop culture. There was an actor, an Indian actor did like a swell and I found it and it got pretty popular. I got asked a question on it. I and he responded, which is really cool
Christina Dunham
@chrissydunham · 0:38
For me, I would be extremely interested in speaking to influential female leaders. Specifically, I would say, like in the business world. So like CEOs, executives, higher ups, anything like that to talk about, like career and advice, things like that. Not only that, also any industry, any type of influential female leader. I definitely, definitely want to get some more women empowerment going. So for me, I would say I would love to talk to anybody of that nature
Grace Salzer
@gsalzer · 1:09
So I'd really like to talk to people in the media field. It's pretty broad, but I just want to like explore career opportunities and see how they like, got into their their current careers and what they like about it. More specifically, I like to talk to media researchers because I think that's what I want to do. And I guess for a fun thing, I would be interested in talking to musicians, people and bands because of my involvement with local bands
Kylie Miller
@kyliemiller · 0:31

My choice! A politician!

I feel like that could be a really good conversation to have and a way for people to communicate with just like their government and the people that are running wherever there I talking to
Isabella Croston
@isabellaa · 0:20
I'm interested in talking with people who are involved in public relations and like the entertainment industry. That is what I personally want to go into when I graduate from College. So I think that would be really interesting if I could talk with some people like that
Fiona Hernandez
@FionaElizabeth · 0:25
I think the people that I would really like to talk to on swell are journalists journalists who work in newspapers like The New York Times or the La Times or as news anchors on television, just since I'm a journalism major, and I would like to hear from journalists themselves about what's it like working in the field and what's their day to day life working as a journalist
Sasha Runyen
@sasharunyen20 · 0:46


Hi. I am really interested in mental wellness, and so I think that talking to a psychologist or someone who is very well educated in the field of psychology, it would be really interesting to talk to them as well. I also always, Fiona, that hearing stories of people who started with nothing but built themselves up to be something great and became very successful. I think those stories are always really interesting to hear and can be really inspiring and motivating
cosette tsai
@cosette · 2:11
And I thought that was something that I really look up to, and I think it's like a turn of the tide if that's the phrase of sports, like taking care of yourself before putting a medal or an event or just something in front of you. Like even though you work so hard to this point, you are still worth more than the sport. Also, like, someone else that I would love to talk to would be like a mental health professional
Caitlin Jensen
@Cait.Jensen · 0:42
It's it's not something I might want to do, but I think that the life of a lifeguard might be very interesting, and I might want to know more about it. So I think stuff like that would be really cool for people to have spoken like, for people speaking on swell
Anwesa Saha
@Anwesa · 0:38


So I would like them to be on speed so that I could at least I ask them a question and at least I would be happy knowing that okay, they at least listen to my questions. Even if they don't answer it
yashasvi Gupta
@yeswithyashi · 0:35
As a person, as a College going student, I am very worried about my future. So I would like people I would like to talk to a person who has a career in abroad for MBA, like he has the knowledge for MBA and he can guide these students about the career choices and whether MBA is a good option in abroad or not
Mark Brooks
@markbrooks · 0:56
Thank you for asking, Arish. I think that's a great question. Generally speaking, I would love to talk to people who are super smart and also famous people, in short. So case in point, I'd say Professor David Bass, who is the father of evolutionary psychology, would be fantastic to have on and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think he's amazing. It would be great to have him on how to line those stars up, I wonder
Nimisha Dhami
@NimishaDhami · 1:26
So I definitely right now need a career coach because I'm at this point in my life right now and I'm just finishing up with my undergraduate and I'm planning to do my post graduation in psychology but I do not really have anyone to guide me or maybe talk me through the process and what all are my options and just simply tell me about what is going to happen when I'm going to do this or what is going to happen when I do that and just walk me through the whole process and make me understand about the different scopes and where all I can function as students or just as individuals
Priya Jyoti
@priyajyoti · 0:45
I wish to have a conversation with a writer, a young writer who writes code or phones or a story short stories, and he or she wants to have a career in writing. But I want it because I don't know what to do and how to pre you
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