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So I'm worried about finding the correct classroom and going there on time like being a punctual student is also something which matters and this whole thing is now hitting me so much and since I don't have many people to talk to well it's not that I don't have someone in my contact list who would actually listen to this but the thing is even if they want to listen to me I don't have the urge to explain everything to them

What should I name this? An anxiety attack? #sayitonswell #campusvoices #randomthoughts

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Abantika Mukherjee
@abantikaxo3 · 2:42
There are certain things that I want to tell you is that first, don't worry about the scarf because I know for a matter of fact, I don't know how to wear a scarf. And the most thing that I'm going to do is I will just carry the scarf in my bag and I'm probably not even going to wear it because I don't like it. And the outfit, I have spent like days on planning what the outfit is going to be
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Arina Sen Bakshi
@Arina24_ · 0:19
Thank you. Thank you so much. Abantika. Yeah. I think you were right and I should take a deep breath and go to sleep. Yeah, I will obviously not want to wake up with my puff ties. Yeah. So, like, somehow enough where it helped me a lot. And thank you once again. Thank you so much. You're
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