Ariana .
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Poetic Musings 1 - HOPE

With the rising sun rise hopes a new day, a new sunshine swell bring something new, better and fine everything looks quite familiar a morning cup a voice so clear to same questions the similar answers routine it is yet so dear the noon brings some lazy weaves with repetitive voices on the idiot box crouched in a comfort sinking sofa yet for something different this life craves evenings are special or so they seem when the sun sets and the lights beam a quick mental plan to step out and break free but a sweet surrender to self time to redeem to escape monotony as the night falls the fakeness of the virtual world calls with sore eyes and frozen limbs another day brought to end with no change no curve to bend yet with the rising sun rise hopes a new day a new sunshine will bring something new better and fine

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Swati Sharma
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Wow. That was so very profound. That was so very serene. It really took me to some other actually, it transported me to some other world. It was so beautiful. Describe. You certainly have a great pension for writing, I must say. That was so beautiful. Describe. And honestly speaking, I am also a great fan of poetry and all. I also do a little bit of poetry all my blogging site that's Mom's reso. So it would be nice
Ariana .
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Thank you 🩷

Hey, Swati. Thank you so much for your kind words. As you can see, I'm late on responding to swells and I'm doing a catch up job now. But I really admire you listening to my swells and responding. And the way you respond to my swells is so kind, so compassionate, so loving. I am in awe of how much love you have to share. How bless you. Take care
Challa Sri Gouri
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Hi Ariana. This poem is really amazing. I always believe hope is something which actually keeps people moving. We can't actually think of tomorrow without hope. Hope is something which makes us think about tomorrow, work for tomorrow and enjoy it. And most of the times where there is no hope, people feel depressed, disheartened. They start feeling lonely. They'll stop understanding the worth of themselves and all. So you have such through a wonderful poem. Wonderfully