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Insightful Fridays - Episode 1 ‘The Continuity of Learning’

So the first episode of insightful Fridays is dedicated to my learning profession, the ing in the continuity of learning it was rather early in life that I understood the true meaning of learning after being a teacher for three plus years. It was rather surprising when I got selected by David James, the then senior leader, for a role to migrate a process from the US for HSBC HDPI

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Ranjana Kamo
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Learning is such a continuous process, and we learn every day of our life. And there is so much to learn. There is the kind of knowledge that information and knowledge that's there in this world is infinite. And, you know, even on the last day on this earth, we will probably just know a fraction of the knowledge that is there to learn in spite of learning every day, because that is the kind of knowledge that's available
Swati Sharma
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Hi, Ariana. You know, growth is something very, very imperative and we all see growth, happiness in our life. And this learning phase when we try our best to stay as a learner throughout our life, this role as a learner becomes far more instrumental in bringing out the best in us. And regarding the feedback that you talk about, you know, feedback for some people may let them suffer in silence, and that's going to be highly detrimental to the growth
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Thank you so much for sharing your inputs. You said it so rightly. You know, even on the last day, probably we'll be learning something new. And even then, we would be leaving this world knowing only a fraction or maybe lesser than that of the immense knowledge that's available out there. So thanks for chiming in. Stay in touch
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While that is not the case and feedback can be both. It can be, you know, something that has gone well or something that's an opportunity to improve, learn and grow. So I think it also depends on how it is being delivered or facilitated. And yes it also depends on how someone accepts it or the perspective with which someone listens to feedback. So it is a learning irrespective this way or that way. Thank you so much for always adding in your insightful inputs. Lots of love
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Most welcome. Take care and have a good weekend. Bye