Comparison Kills Creativity - Audio Blog 3

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When my boy, my son, he completed his 12th and returned home from his boarding in 2020 amidst the pandemic scare, our biggest relief was that he was home with us. As discussions about his next academic move began, he had little or no clarity. Neither did we. What he knew for sure was that which he did not want in life and that to me was a great clarity. To start with, knowing what not to do is a higher clarity than knowing what to do

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Swati Sharma
@Swatiselflove · 2:40
We start portraying ourselves as a more worthwhile person. So I think comparison seriously should not be there. It starts hindering your mental, your emotional and your intellectual growth. You are absolutely right when you said that comparisons should really not be there. We should allow our kids, we should allow the person living with us to live in complete freedom. They should be allowed to grow in their own way. They should be allowed to do what they actually love to do
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Ariana .
@ariana. · 2:24 @ashmi

Understand the nuances of creating striking this balance between academic and mental wellness. I'm leaving the link here to our website, which you're aware of if you want to book a session directly. But I'll also let Ashmi add anything that she wants to on this particular topic. I have tagged her here as well. So once again, thank you so much, Swati. We need more parents like you. Take care. Bye
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