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Arghya Sengupta
@Arghya2310 · 1:41

Ban on video games.

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Well, this instance raises a question in my mind that is it justified and is it worthy to develop a feeling of addiction towards a simple video games or being inspired by the game and committing crimes? I understand that addiction is not always happened deliberately but is it really justified trying to play this type of games vigorously and frequently, leaving your important time and schedule behind? Considering playing games the utmost variety, share your opinions and let me know your thoughts. Thank you

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Shweta Chaudhri
@Shwetachaudhri · 1:06
Like, we are already sitting in front of a screen for our assignments, for school work, as working individuals, for our office work. We are spending so much time on these gadgets and adding on to that screen time in general is dangerous for us and for our mental health and the other implications. It has increased violence in kids, I would say, these days. I've judged kids like to play violent now because of these video games
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