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Aparna Balaji
@AparnaTejus · 1:20

Encounter with nature's bounty - Abbey Falls, Coorg

article image placeholderUploaded by @AparnaTejus Abbey Falls, Karnataka
Hi. I'm here to share a travel memory from my visit to Kurt in Karnataka. It is a beautiful place to visit. And I went there last summer with a few friends. It was a fun road trip with a lot of of crazy and beautiful memories. One such spectacular memory happened when I visited the Abbey waterfalls, and that was where this picture was clicked. The locals highly recommended us to go visit the waterfalls

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Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:23
Hi Aparna. I have been to code, but somehow have not made it to the Abbey Falls. I did go to the Tala Cave caveiri, and you know, from where the River Cauvery originates. And that was wonderful, wonderful experience. I'll definitely keep this in mind and make it to the Abbey Falls next time around. Thank you for this one. Bye
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