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@Anveshitha · 4:37

Is it necessary??

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Just think once how can they have self condense when everyone around them are pressuring them to do this or to do that or to see them unlan. When the comparison is going on without a break then any person can lose his self confidence and become more and more depressed. It's only causing a negative impact on their mind and their life. So don't we think it's the time to change? Don't you think it's time to stop all these things? So what are you waiting for?

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Sheeba ❤❤❤
@sheeba1234 · 0:28

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Hi Anva. Shita. I am Shibar Haman. And you are right, because this is true that when we compare ourselves to others we feel low self worth. And also the comparison is a sign of low self esteem. But if we compare in goodness rather than material or show off, we can become good human beings. Thank you
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