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' The best view comes after the hardest climb'.....

Some of them have attacked on me too. Okay, so when the race started, many were competing with each other. But I was not interested in competing. Rather I like to stay with my friends. Because I think no matter what you achieve in life, never miss out on your friends. Without them, no success is worth it. At around 1030 we reached at the peak the ambience, the view. All mirrors feel extremely deleted

'WONDER. WANDER. REPEAT'. Sharing some of the special, memorable and happiest memories with you all..... (Part 3) #sayit

Sreeja V
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I felt totally magical and I remember that there was a small church there and there's some fabulous lighting, some great lighting, and there are some stained glass windows that present a wonderful opportunity to click some magical shots. So, yeah, all those memories came rushing back and look forward to hearing from you
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Hello, mom. Thank you for sharing your views. And I feel great that after listening to this, well, you just remember your golden days. Stay tuned
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Welcome to Swell!

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Hi. I think you are absolutely right because trusting the process is really hard, but important as well. And you should just try something new every day to know yourself better and to be the best version of yourself