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The Hectic life at NMIMS

But I genuinely feel that it is all there to prepare us for our future and prepare us for our MBAs, where we'll be facing an even higher amount of pressure. Therefore, I generally find a lot of sense in all the pressures that we are facing. But yes, it does get difficult to manage the pressure at times. Sometimes there's way too much workload and it takes up a lot of toll on our mental health
khushi baheti
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Hi Ansh also an F. W. From Nmimims and yes, of course it does get hectic but which I mean I feel like every other College does get hectic only and yeah, we just have to manage our things through and management. We focus on everything a little bit and we'll get out of the legend
Aman Shah
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Hi Ange, I am also Forces student and this wall was very informative and looking forward to more work like this which will come in handy in the future. Thank you
yashvi birla
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I think when you talk about the hectic and exhausting life at an Ms, I definitely agree with you because apparently I'm so busy that I actually missed two internal assessment tests of the same subject, being a first year student of first semester student. And no, I'm not exaggerating. I'm not joking. I actually missed the ICS, and I literally have no clue about what to do now
Nishchay Khemka
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I absolutely agree to what you said. And one more thing. It also helped us, you know, manage our time, couldn't do anything on time. And I used to do it before just for the deadline. But now as you know of gradually the assignments and the number of tasks increased my study time and everything. I used to manage my time properly. Now big thanks to Nm, create a schedule for myself
ktk SPAM
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Yes as a student who's also in the first year of BB I can vouch for is very hectic, but I guess time management is key where you have to not do your submissions and assignments last minute, but plan them accordingly and do them on time
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