Be it board students, CA aspirants, cat aspirants or UPSCs aspirants they all face anxiety and stress at a point of time. There are various factors that lead to this stress in students that increase their stress level. Some of these are these factors are poor time management skills and low self esteem, bad company, negative comparisons by other students, teachers and parents. A lot of time spending on phone. Students often look for some motivation or a spark to get them started

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Charvi Dhiran
@charvi24 · 1:14
Hi. So I feel like this topic is so, so integral. But it is often ignored because of how common exam stress is. It's like exam stress. Yeah, that's okay. That happens. That's very normal. But let's not normalize. It like you said, everybody faces so much pressure, so much stress from an exam that is going that is said to be changing their lives