Liberty or freedom

In this sense, Liberty implies that when our human being implies his rational faculty and comes to know what is the best for him and also for society, because as the wrestling wing, he cannot think of something which is good for him and not for society. It should have the ability to achieve it and his activity should not be hindered by the external unreasonable risk. Drink. Thank you. Bye

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Krish Sehrawat
@KrishSeh511 · 0:37
Hey Anita, from what I believe, Liberty is only towards the society and the restrictions that the society provides or like show towards us. While freedom is to act and like, like speak and work freely, it isn't against any restriction or anything. It is against any oppression that you have faced, not because of just any restriction by society, but by anyone. It can be an individual. It can be an issue group or even a whole country. Who knows?
65- Jyothika
@JoJo123 · 0:45
Liberty is defined as the state of being killed within the society from oppressive restrictions, etc. But whereas freedom in context it is the power or right to speak, I think and do what we want. So always Liberty is always greater than freedom. So once you fight for Liberty more than freedom, freedom in the context is also right to say it and you already have it home yet