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@AnimangaNation · 2:06

Will Virtual Reality Replace Reality

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So do you think that VR itself is more of where people might think of it as a replacement for reality? An escapism, if you will, something that they don't want to actually deal with real life, but instead actually just stay in the virtual reality? Or do you think maybe this is just nothing to really worry about that this is just something that we know will come and go because it can be a very scary thing. Mangas can be very fantasized and very telling #VR, #Manga

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Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:55

Hey, Animanga nation. That's a very fascinating question. I'm going to link as well here that I posted many weeks ago about we are being optimal for travel, but I never, ever considered we are replacing reality. And while I do think that eventuality is very possible, I hope it does not come true. I hope people never give up on actual social relationships for some sort of a virtual relationship. But the more I think about your question, do think that it is a possibility
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