Aniesha Brahma
@aniesha_brahma · 2:44

Book Subscription Boxes

We did try to launch a Buzzy bookbox last year, and it didn't really work out because I'm not sure whether it was the lack of promotion or the lack of people who would vote on our stories and tell us, yes, we would love a subscription boxes, but when the time came to actually invest in it and actually get a subscription box, people would get cold feet. Now, I know there are plenty of good, really good subscription boxes out there

Let's talk about creative ways to get your hands on #books #booksonswell #swellcast #stories #mysteries #authors #Indiabuzz

Classic Cupcake
@Classic_Cupcake · 4:20
So if I wouldn't have bought it, I wouldn't have read it. And I still have the book. Even I have the second and third parts as well. And for some reason, that book has always been very special to me. The Zayn and Anna series, I don't know if if you've heard of them