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@Angel3110 · 3:22

My Love For Tea....❤️💚🤍💙

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As my hands feels the hotness of the tea the worm blows up in the whole environment spreading the beautiful aromatic flavors of tea leaves. The smell of tea leaves feels me those flashbacks of dancing tea garden. Those aromatic fragrances of tea leaves feels me positive and fresh throughout the day. One sip of that beautiful tea feels me like heaven is sitting on my hands. The taste of tea feels me pleasant. Sometimes I feel making tea has something more special than only tasting it


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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 2:38
Also, I like experimenting with different flavors of tea, like Moroccan tea or hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea, I didn't like that much, but I do try a lot of flavors, except I don't like milk tea a lot. The cutting chai tea, right, that's something which I don't like a lot. If I'm drinking tea on the roadside, it has to be either black tea or nemuchai, which I love. Love, love. Absolutely love
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Fabiola Frattini
@what_a_dream0 · 1:26

Formless Tes

I'll stay with iced tea. And I don't go out of my norm. I do the traditional tea, which is lemon tea. I'm not talking about tea from tea bags, herbal tea. I'm talking about preserve the sugary, drink tea, lemon flavor. But there's your intake. I'm not coffee nor a tea drinker. See you. Enjoy your tea
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