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She got awarded Padma Shri for her organic farming efforts at the age of 105. But she's full of life.. This is a feature we did two years ago!

This 105 year old party got Padmashri Award for her organic farming. But she is a bundle of life and you will not tell that she is 105 after seeing this video. Promise you I think everybody else will be running for the Iraqi Kali and Martin Columba. Now

"Mutton Kulambu and Raagi Kali is the secret of my energy", Paati smiles

Sudhakaran Arumugam
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Yeah, I agree with your point
Sudhakaran Arumugam
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@Alwin @KarthickS

One more point
Andrew Sam
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So that is regarding the award. I might be wrong, but NEA, Puerto Rico awards need standards and awards have to be given to a particular standard and standard maintenance and the encouragement that is fine. But I'm not sure awarding yes, ma'am
Ramya V
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My 2 cents...

And that 105 years renter acre farmer or grocery shop or a restaurant is not everybody's game. So Adele, she has excelled and she still seems to be full of life enthusiasm otherwise is a big inspirational thing for today's people who enter into this existential crisis by the time they are in their thirties. So in that way, I feel she is quite deserving of the honor that has been given to her
@SVJ · 2:02
Congratulations to her and Congratulations to you and simplicity for having spotted her earlier on and covered her and also for highlighting this on swell
Andrew Sam
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Agreed. My thing is not about the popular celebrities to be getting it. How will the school sports when the room becomes food in general? I think overall junk we are having good food. I think the last 50 years and improvement in healthcare has ensured that most of us live oversight
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Welcome to Swell!

Alwin Jeyakumar
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For example, no, the state government or other involvement without interference of state government can't decide themselves. They won't have the exposure if you want to have healthy, it depends on what do you do? How many calories you burn? Finally, Congratulations to that number for getting the dough because people and thank you Simplicity team and for bringing up this. Well, so that we understand more about that
Alwin Jeyakumar
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One final thing, what is the fourth highest civilian award in India? I mean as the name indicates, that other civilian order, for example, sports person better to give importance to the people of the civilians who have provided a distinguished service that helps others or help other. Let me know your thoughts on this and I. Bye
S Karthick Rajan
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First, age one or five, second, one organic, then agriculture and women. So all these things make a big impact on media, on social media or wherever you are sharing this information. So if the government is giving this kind of a person, then it gets viral. It automatically gets a viral. You speak about the government giving this award to this person
S Karthick Rajan
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Ah hey, one correction. Dasharat Manji was just his name was proposed for Bhatmashi. And the Bhatmashi? What was not offered for him? Actually, I thought it was offered for him. Hum, but now I feel really bad about it. So that man should have got it for sure. Actually. Right. So sorry for the wrong information. His name was proposed by the government, but he is not see that we'll
Andrew Sam
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If you had to have awarded, then it is in the Mariana or Social Service or somebody who's other world Beta or somebody who's put India's name on other map of global recognition are worthy to become pugnacious. In my opinion, there are other awards that can be given. There are other recognitions that can be given to people like that who are doing good, who have a fantastic lifestyle and other things. So this is my thing with the awards and the party I will share today
Andrew Sam
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@Alwin @Karthik @NamelessJournal

It all depends on the lifestyle, high quality of food, high variety of food in general. Overall, complex, exuberant food lifestyle. It's only a question of choice in lifestyle. All the other things that cancer or the other misinformation and uninformed people making complex arguments very simply washable on comments. Thank you so much for all the comments. I'll share the other video shortly. Bye
Ramya V
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But it's just that in the Kalala Madrior exposure on the Mario network, Elena getting yourself out there is very difficult. So yes, some of it can be attributed to her networking skills as well as for the other part of the debate, healthy eating. Now on the qualified I eat so unhealthy. I have always been this way. I Sam, a person who has Maggie, like, three, four times a week. And Unfortunately, I have passed on that habit to my kids as well