LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship

It's one of my prized possessions. This is actually featured in the movie. I don't remember exactly which movie it was, but there was like a scene where they were on this weird planet, and there was like, this huge Jedi battle in this arena with all these weird beasts and stuff. I don't know. It was really random, but then this shift came in to save them. So this is kind of like a Lego recreation of that
Owen Hinrichs
@owen.hinrichs · 0:38
Hi Andrew. I think this is super interesting. And I was super engaged until you started telling the story about how this was actually in Star Wars. I actually started to get really bored at that part and just some constructive criticism. Maybe don't do that next time because you're a really bad storyteller and that was really, really boring. So it's a cool Lego, but just show off, flex your Lego skills and keep on keeping on peace
Fareed Ahamad
@faaraad1 · 1:12
I'm just not to drop some facts on you guys or anything, but I actually love Star Wars, and this piece is particularly from the movie Attack of the Clones is the second Star Wars movie, and it's the scene where Yoda and the clones come in to save the Jedi from Count Dooku and the rest of the monsters on Planet Geoenosis. And I think it's really cool that you built this when you were ten
Swell Team
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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:25
I remember I had Darth Maul's ship, and it was like my prized possession. But one thing leads to another. You lose a couple of pieces, your cat's, knock it over. And next thing you know, you're tossing in the trash. And I just can't believe how much of that stuff I've just sort of lost over the years. So it's really cool that you still have it