Ander Onaindia
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A trip To the fun little mountains

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So I don't really know how to use this thing, but let me give it my best shot. So I will be using the image of a time that I went to the mountains. And I don't know, just talking about how cool the mountains are and how they're really just beautiful places to go visit if you want to go see some beautiful peaks. And also we went with my family and we went hiking up the mountains together
Kevon Ember
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Bro. Ander I never. I always thought you look kind of different. I don't know if it's your hair or something, or if it's that you ground your beard. But you look a little weird in this photo. I think you still look immensely, immensely beautiful, but but a little different. You catch my vibe
Ayush Shekhar
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Vander. That's so cool. You love hiking in the mountains because I do, too. And it's gonna be crazy, because when we're in College, we'll not have mountains with you in Atlanta. Me in Pittsburgh. I guess I'll have some Hills in Pittsburgh, but that doesn't really count. But I also agree with Kevin's comments. Umbrella looks so different
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Continental Divide

I think that would be a pretty cool experience. And if you're hearing this on Swell Cast, then maybe you can join me sometime this summer. Hit me up. You know what to do. And I will see you then. Bye