Share some stories! (Women’s day special)

Happy Women's Day to all the amazing women out there. I'd like to use this opportunity to know some amazing success stories. You can be an entrepreneur, you can be a mum, you can be a sister, you can be a teacher. Anyone matter. And also it doesn't matter how big your success story is or how small it is. Success is success. So share your story. I'd be really excited to listen to all those stories

Im pretty sure there are a million success stories out there. It doesnt matter how big or how small! Share it #happywomensday #womensday

Happy Women's Day to the empowering women out there! This is a part of my story. #sayitonswell #happywomensday

And on this day I feel so elated and happy and honored to say that I am a woman, I am 22 and I feel so free. Though there are a lot of things that yet needs to be changed, I think, think I'm grateful for all the changes that are on the process. So thank you for the opportunity. Good night and happy women's day to all the women who are going to be here in the space. Bye
Anderson Haran
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@anneflorentyna we want more stories!!!!!!!

Hi, Anne. Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful wisdom. I'm pretty sure a lot of people can benefit from that. I wish you can share more stories because, like, based on the flow of you speaking, I'm pretty sure there's way too many experiences that you have come across that have put a lot of knowledge inside you and everyone can benefit from that. Keep sharing. Thank you so much