Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 0:25

Give Up Waiting⌚

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Give up waiting as a state of mind. If you are present, there is never any need for you to wait for anything. So next time somebody says, Sorry to have kept you waiting, you can reply, that's all right. I was just standing here and enjoying myself. Enjoying myself

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Sanya Jain
@Sanyaaaa_04 · 0:46
Hey, I love the voices. Like, daily soothing and thought that you have to give up waiting. Enjoy yourself. Yeah, that's really true. Like, why shouldn't I do something with my own? I would actually enjoy my time before that, doing that. And if that person doesn't drive, doing something that's important to me, like, I it's hard to find measuring and I'm getting it, then why not? So I enjoy myself. As you said
shilpee bhalla
@Shilpi-Bhalla · 0:13
Absolutely right Divya. I gotta I make Koi stressing yoga. I make a secret in the Yogi. I'm a I'm a very well
Aditi Rangwani
@aditi_123 · 0:17
Yeah, I guess that was the same way I used to say any of my friend or cousin. Yep, they sometimes tell me that oh sorry for keep you waiting but I'm like, oh actually I was good while you waiting for you that was not a big deal. The same as agree with you this time. Also
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