Spanish intro

Hi, everyone. So today I'm gonna introduce myself in Spanish. I must have told you guys that I am learning Spanish in my description or in my first post. So I am going to start. So in the end, I asked you guys a question. Now go and search for it on Google, because I am not going to tell you guys bye

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Aditi Rangwani
@aditi_123 · 0:04

Holaaa 🤗

Hi My number
Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 0:03

Hii 👋

Hi. Editor
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Abantika Mukherjee
@abantikaxo3 · 0:14


Well, I don't know Spanish, but I'm taking French lessons and I can introduce myself in French. Bonjour, jimapu. Abantika. Saba, trespia Enchante. Kumasava
Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 0:15

#Paris ❤️ hii @abantikaxo3

Hi ABANTIKA so it's so good that you are taking French lessons. Like I am going to learn French after learning Spanish and if I ever go to Paris I should at least know French, right
Abantika Mukherjee
@abantikaxo3 · 0:54

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In Paris, they all talk in French and they won't even understand even if you're trying telling them in English, they won't understand at all. They respect I love their language a lot, especially in Paris. So if you plan on going there, then learning French is a must
Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 0:47

#sayitonswell #seriousness

And the seller was like, no, you will not get this. You will get the one, you will get another one. This one is for natives. I think that they do take their language very seriously
Kanishka Changrani
@Kanishka-10 · 0:03

Hii divya

I don't know sunny
Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 0:06


Hi Kanishka So it doesn't matter if you don't know Spanish, you can start learning at any time