Are You Still Travelling This Summer?🤔✈️

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Gas prices are high, flight prices are high, and everything is so expensive. Are you still planning on traveling this summer? Have your travel plans changed? If your travel plans have changed, what are you doing instead? Let me know

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J Wang
@jsmwang · 1:11
And it's so cool that you kind of are like a professional traveler and would love to hear kind of like tips from you about traveling. And I don't know, I feel like a big part of what stops me is just figuring out where to go and all the logistics and also kind of like not having the energy to go. I feel like when I rest, I just want to go home, Cook a meal. I'm a huge homebody
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:15


I can't wait till you get us going on some fantasy trips that we can think about taking, even if we can't take them in the near future. And I actually want to ask you, what are your reservations about traveling, if you have any, based on what you do
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Rachel Liu
@rachell · 0:35
I think that traveling is just so good to see the culture and world view a little bit more, and I plan on doing it, but I being a lot more careful and I just guess being a lot more frugal with my options, for sure
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Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 1:45
So this is such a timely question, and we've been fortunate in that, you know, we booked our plane tickets much in advance. And some of the newly booked tickets we've had had been able to buy it on points, so we were able to use points to purchase and so on. I think travel is going to happen no matter what, because I think the last two years of being under lockdown have taken its toll, especially on families with kids, which I'm a part of
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You just put in flight into Google. You put in your destination and where you're coming from. And then you put in the dates. And when you go, they're going to show you the fares for all of those dates, like a month at a time. And traveling pick Tuesday or Wednesday, you always get the lowest fare. And if you're going to buy your ticket by Tuesday night going into midnight, going into Wednesday, because you always get the best fears around that time
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